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Before food or treats appear on our shelves they must pass a multi-step approval process. We look for foods with a simple list of carefully chosen ingredients, avoiding any foods with unnamed animal parts, by-products, preservatives and added coloring. We find foods that are affordable while still being good quality. None of our foods contain wheat or corn. We buy only from food makers we trust. We question who makes the food and where ingredients are sourced, and we stay on top of that as changes occur in the industry. As a smaller store we can be highly selective in the foods we carry, and we only add a new food to our inventory after researching it thoroughly.

We carry and recommend the following types of cat food: raw frozen, freeze-dried and dehydrated, canned food and good quality kibble. We can assist you in choosing the best options for your situation. See the cat food brands we carry.


Answers Raw Food

Answers Detailed formula provides a superior, wholesome, balanced diet of only the highest-quality sourced and fermented ingredients, suitable for all life stages. The high-protein, fat-balanced, high-vitamin formulations ensure your pet receives all the necessary nutrients and maximum nutritional benefits required for a healthy immune system, digestive tract, and better overall health.

Primal Freeze-Dried

Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas offer the convenience and benefits of a well-balanced, safe and wholesome raw-food diet without having to grind, chop, measure or mix the ingredients yourself.

Primal Pet Foods sustainably source, carefully formulate and lovingly produce a nutritious, human-edible raw diet that is easy for you to serve and delectable for pets to devour.


Zymox Oratene Brushless Oral Care

Flavorless concentrate added daily to drinking water provides a safe, healthy way to conveniently clean pet’s teeth, freshen breath, kill germs and remove plaque without brushing. The simple way to care for your pet’s teeth.


Big Shrimpy Beds by Full Circle Pet Supplies

The Catalina Plus bed combines our polyester faux suede with a soft Berber fleece. Better yet, this bed is reversible, so you can create a different look and effectively double its life. You can keep the Catalina looking fresh, too, because the whole thing can be washed and dried in your machine at home without harming the SmartFill® fiber inside. We understand that small can be mighty so we back up the Catalina bed with a 3-year limited warranty.

Inaba Churu

Tiki Cat Stix

The only Stix™ cats want to fetch. Made with real tuna or chicken, this creamy, high-protein mousse will make your cat come running. Serve as a topper for dry food, or as a treat right from the convenient, single-serve tubes. Irresistible to picky eaters and a great way to entice an older cat to enjoy a meal.



A bad dog frida gift certificate is a great gift for cats and their people. Choose any amount and you’ll get a certificate packaged in a brightly colored envelope with a bad dog frida magnet. Buy onine.