really cool things for good dogs, cats, and their people


From left to right: Carmen (holding Daisy), Flyer, Sue, Charlotte, and Evelyn (Carmen's Mom)


bad dog frida wasn’t named after someone we knew. We chose the name because it seemed lighthearted, yet warm and loving, like the feeling we so often have around dogs.

We know we are not alone when we say dogs make our lives complete. Whether it's cats or dogs that make your life complete, we appreciate the opportunity to share this passion with you! Besides cool dog and cat stuff, we hope you’ll find our shop inspiring, informative and inviting.

In the time we have had our business we have learned a lot that we share with our employees and you as our wonderful customers. We have learned through our own experiences with dog acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, use of herbs, supplements and homeopathic remedies and chemical free products. And we have witnessed some pretty amazing healing. Along the way we have been fortunate to attend regular seminars with some of the countries’ leading holistic vets, animal scientists and behaviorists including Dr Karen Becker, Dr. Chris Bessent, Dr. Ron Schultz, Beth Taylor, Dogs Best Friend Animal Behaviorists, and Dr. Patricia McConnell.

We have learned from other great resources such as: Whole Dog Journal, Dogs Naturally, Pet Food Advisor, even some excellent company representatives and scientists that are working hard to develop great products to enhance the lives of our animal companions.

We aren’t vets and we don’t give medical advice but we have lots of great area resources and products we can share with you to get the help you need when you need it. Stop by and visit our store, meet us and our dedicated staff. We are here to teach, listen, refer and help when we can.