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A Pup Above

A Pup Above is human grade fresh food. It's gently cooked using the sous-vide method. The ingredients are slowly cooked in hot water at lower temperatures in a plastic bag. This means all of the nutrients, moisture, vitamins and minerals are maintained. The formulas are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Fresh food is so important to build a healthy immune system in order to allow your dog to be the best, healthiest version of themselves. Makes a great topper, too!

Rawbble Freeze-Dried Raw Food

Delicious and nutritious, Rawbble Freeze Dried Food for Dogs combines the whole-animal nutrients of a raw food with the convenience of kibble. Rawbble is 98% meat, bones and organs to provide your pup with a healthy source of protein and to help give them healthy teeth and gums too. When foods are cooked, they lose a lot of their nutritional content. But Rawbble uses freeze-dried technology to lock more naturally sourced essential nutrients into every bite. Use as your pet’s whole diet, crumble some on top of their other food, or as a high value treat for training. Comes in 3 sizes and 4 flavors; Beef, Chicken, Duck, or Salmon + Chicken.

Pet Parent's Premium Pet Blankets

Cozy, soft, warm and lightweight with a moisture barrier. Spills or accidents will not soak the blanket or the surface it's covering. Perfect for travel, crates, pet beds, and furniture. Made with quality materials triple stitched to last. Comes in multiple sizes.


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Part of our job is to help maintain a community of like-minded individuals and organizations. We regularly connect our customers with dog and cat services in the area, and encourage you to stop in to discuss your particular situation. We’re pleased to share a few of our favorite vets, trainers, care providers and shelters with you here. Read more.