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Who is Frida?

Oddly enough we didn't name bad dog frida after someone we knew. We chose the name because it made us laugh when we thought of it. It was a laugh and a feeling so familiar - the spontaneous reaction we so often have to dogs. Like when they tilt their head to the side when you speak to them or they fling a toy into the air when playing or when they run towards you with all they have, ears flying in the wind. We know we are not alone when we say dogs make our lives complete.

We have always been on the lookout for cool dog stuff - both for our dogs and for us. In our search we found unique and clever products from a variety of artists and manufacturers. The idea was born to pull them together and offer them at one site, under one ''woof'' so to speak.

We hope that when you look at our site it will make you smile, laugh and experience that familiar feeling of joy. Meet Us!

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